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FIlter press for wine industry

We started new product line AMHR 500 a 630 filter press for wine indutry. pruduct brief

wine pressure1wine pressure2wine pressure3

Chemical WWTP Ruzyne Airport

We have produced and delivered chemical treatment plant for the Prague Ruzyne Airport servicing, washing and cleaning aircraft.

Deliveries to Egypt

We continue to supply equipment for the recycling of water to Egypt.


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Preparation and cleaning of waste water and liquids from industrial production

In this area for wastewater treatment used physico-chemical processes. These processes are designed individually according to customer needs. Processes are suitable for removing metals, oils and other pollutants. Part of this technology is chemical treatment, precipitation, sedimentation and flotation, and possibly filtration. For the waste water is used by a wide range of necessary chemicals, coagulants and flocculants.

In these services we offer

  • assessment of the situation
  • proposal for an appropriate solution
  • processing project
  • ensure production and supply of equipment
  • commissioning
  • documentation and operator training
  • customer service

Don't hesitate to call us for more infromation:

Frantisek DOSTAL - technologist
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Ing. Viteslav ZEDEK - executioner
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Jiri SOUSEK - construction cheaf
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Pressure Vresova gasworks - the use of liquid by-products

The pressure gasworks in Vresova is gasificated a brown coal from the surrounding districts. The main product is Energogas, for the production of electric energy, then generator tar, phenolic concentrated sulfuric acid, liquid ammonia. Company Antares participated significantly in the delivery of technological units in the construction of new plants Gasworks Heather pressure.

Wastewater treatment plant LG.Philips Hranice

Wastewater treatment plant is used to clean produced water from the production of screens from company LG.Philips Hranice. It consists three chemical lines and one biological line. Maximum power cleaning is 120m3/h. On this device is achieved very good results, including the elimination of heavy metals, in particular Cr6+, Cr3+, Pb in the influent waste water from manufacturing operations plant.

  • Vitkovice, a.s. Ostrava - Product of steel, heavy industry (www.vitkovice.com)
    wastewater treatment
  • Skoda Auto, Mlada Boleslav - car manufacturer (www.skoda-auto.com)
    neutralization plants for wastewater
  • TPCA Kolin - car manufacturer - TOYOTA, PEUGEOT, CITROEN (www.tpca.cz)
    wastewater treatment
  • ArcelorMittal Jakl, a.s. Karvina (www.jakl.cz)
    hot dip galvanizing, electroplating, industrial sewage
  • DIAMO s.p. - mining and treatment of uranium (www.diamo.cz)
    facilities for reprocessing of uranium and wastewater treatment
  • Rangun, Barma
    neutralization station electroplating
  • SUAS Vresova - gasification of coal
    industrial sewage water
  • Druzkovka Gorenie Group, Ukraine
    industrial sewage water
  • Transport company for capital city Prague
    Demulsification Station
  • Airport Prague
    neutralization station for servicing aircraft
  • Grafite Tyn n. Labem
    graphite production process, wastewater treatment plant
  • Darchan, Mongolia
    cleaner Cr waste water from tannery
  • Toray Textiles Central Evrope, Kiocera Grupe, Japan, WWTP (www.toray.cz)
    Demulsification Station
  • LG Philips, Hranice, CZ - production of CRTs, (www.lgdisplay.com)
    chemical biological wastewater treatment plant